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A Luxury You Deserve!

· What began as Mother’s Day gifts for the women in her church, the thrill of creating handmade soap quickly morphed into a hobby and grew into a business. AJ (the love and passion behind Joy Bubbles) was born a crafter, and for her, handmade soap is the perfect marriage of endless creativity and pampering practicality. Everything you order will be gift-ready and gift-worthy, with great attention given to every detail. Unless soaps are part of a gift box, each individual bar will be wrapped in a breathable cellophane bag, tied with a tag and coordinating ribbon.

· Shipping is at a flat rate of $7. Of course, there is no shipping charge on soaps picked up locally.

· Having a party? Soaps make wonderfully unique and affordable favors for showers, weddings and special occasions. We can make soaps to suit your choice of color, style, size, fragrance and budget. Contact us and we'll talk about it! Our soaps are made using the cold processed method, requiring a minimum of four weeks – and preferably six weeks – to fully cure. The longer it cures, the longer it lasts. So think ahead and give us enough time to make that perfect finishing touch to your special event.

· Why handmade? Commercially produced soap has the naturally occurring glycerin removed and sold as a byproduct for lotions and creams, being replaced with harsh detergents and fillers. Our soap is filled with all the skin loving nourishment and cleansing properties needed to leave you clean without leaving you dry. Only tested and skin-friendly ingredients are used.

· Everything we offer is made and packaged by hand, with love, and in small batches to protect the integrity of the end result. We've done our best to give accurate descriptions of our products, but items may vary slightly from batch to batch, lending the unique look that comes with anything handmade.

Ingredients are listed for each item, so check for any allergies and ask questions regarding size, shape, color, scent and ingredients before you place your order. Fragrances differ in smell according to each individual, since everyone’s nose works a little different.

Our products are for external use only, and not intended or suggested to treat illnesses or skin conditions. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. Exercise caution when enjoying products for use in a tub or shower, as some oils and butters may leave the tub a bit slippery.

Because handmade soap is free from harsh fillers and additives, your bar may not last as long as commercially produced soap. You can extend the life of your soap by keeping it dry between uses and away from standing water.

· We started with soap – but we haven't stopped there. Body and lip butters, lotion bars, sugar polish and bath soaks have found their way into our creations. And that's just the beginning, so check back often to see what else we're dreaming about.

Thank you for stopping by!